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Robert K. Altshuler, Esq. is the founder of Altshuler Law Group, PLLC.  With over 15 years of land development and finance experience, Mr. Altshuler brings a wealth of real estate and financial backgrounds to his law practice.

Having been a business advisor in self-started companies, major law firms, financial firms, and Fortune 500 financial enterprises, Mr. Altshuler has demonstrated experience in directing clients to optimal legal outcomes as well as exceptional profits.

Mr. Altshuler has an expertise in business development, real estate and financial management, and project direction. In real estate and land development projects, he specializes in oversight of the legal issues pertinent to the real estate, commercial finance, corporate law, and estate planning.

Mr. Altshuler provides objective risk management advice in complex corporate and real estate transactions, while also assisting clients in maximizing their corporate advantages and profits. His experience includes handling complex real estate transactions for commercial real estate developers, including acquisition of raw and improved land, development of planned communities and retail centers, leasing, and disposition. He has drafted and reviewed transaction documents and performed due diligence in connection with real estate development transaction closures.

Mr. Altshuler also has a demonstrated track record in facilitating general corporate matters. He has overseen mergers and acquisitions, partnership / joint venture agreements, and business agreements for a variety of companies.

Mr. Altshuler’s financial management background includes a five-year stint at a Fortune 500 life insurance and investment management firm. In that capacity, he supported 20 financial representatives in creation of advanced planning proposals in estate and financial insurance for a corporate client base. He also serviced a multi-million dollar insurance portfolio and developed prospecting software for new corporate insurance clients.